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Technology Corner: Co-Living Apps

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

As business travelers explore new ways of staying they also require new ways to take care all their needs from getting around to getting fueled up. Co-living could be tricky as travelers get to know their new locale, but here are some of the apps the professionals recommend for getting the most out of the localized experience.

THINGS TO DO Eventbrite – allows guests to find events taking place around their new city. Meetup – is great way to meet people in a casual setting around common interests.

SPACES FOR WORK WeWork – provides flexible co-working options  Breather – is an alternative that provides private spaces without the distractions that often come with other co-working options. 

MONEY MATTERS Splitwise – is a cost-splitter app for large purchases or even a night on the town.  Venmo – allows guests to make cash payments immediately to their friends

CHATTING IT UP Slack – allows chats among guests on a variety of different subjects within groups WhatsApp – a great app for communicating via group chat.

GETTING AROUND Zipcar – provides options for flexible car rental including hourly options. City Mapper – makes getting around your new city via public transportation easier.

EATING WELL (or not) GrubHub – allows guests to order food for delivery from restaurants that don’t offer the service. Blue Apron – provides gourmet meal kits delivered to the guest’s doorstep.

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