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Smart Accommodation Owners are Turning to Smart Technology

As the owner of an accommodation property, you are probably always thinking of ways to stay ahead of competitors and keep your property booked as much as possible. To bring in more vacationers and corporate housing tenants, and ensure your existing ones keep returning, turn your property into a "smart" rental.

Smart technology has recently become almost as common as toasters and coffee makers in our homes, and people now often expect it in their rentals. Smart technology is a luxury some can’t live without and will give your property the edge over a competitor's property that doesn't offer it.

Here’s a look at what is trending today in smart technology.

Smart Lock

Smart gadgets don't only benefit the renter, they can also make life easier for the property owner. Using a smart lock, your renter will appreciate not having to bother picking up keys and later having to return them. You can simply send your renter an entry key code that will last until the end of their rental period. Then you can send your cleaning company another code to allow them temporary access and send a third code to the maintenance person. Now you don't have to worry about keeping up with someone picking up keys, losing keys, making copies of your key, or you having to change the locks. Additionally, smart locks will let you see who has been in your home, and how long they've been there.

Smart Assistant

Anyone who has owned an Amazon Echo or Google Home understands how convenient it is to have this type of technology in the home, and there's a good chance your temporary tenant will be glad to have one in their rental. Also called Intelligent Personal Assistant or Intelligent Virtual Assistant, these smart devices offer several convenient and time-saving services. Just by asking, a renter can learn the local time and weather along with addresses, phone numbers, and hours of operation for local restaurants, attractions, stores, and more. Your smart assistant can also switch on and off fans and lights, and even control the thermostat. Renters just want to relax, and a smart assistant will let them.

Smart Thermostat

A truly money-saving smart device you should have in your short-term rental property is a smart thermostat. It's not uncommon for vacationers to head out the door on a sweltering hot day and leave the HVAC blasting frigid air all day long. The same scenario applies to a freezing cold day with your renters leaving the home while the heat is set on high. To avoid this costly waste of kilowatts, a property owner can either set parameters in the unit, or they can use their phone to remotely control the HVAC, or they can install units that will know if tenants are gone and adjust the controls to a more appropriate temperature .

Digital Welcome Book

One of the most exciting and relatively new pieces of smart technology in the vacation accommodations and corporate housing industry is a digital welcome book! Your welcome book is simply a digital guide to help your guests retrieve a variety of information. To start, it will welcome your guests, and you can really show your charming personality in your welcoming. Next, you can inform them of parking areas, safety and emergency information, and make them aware of the rules of the house.

A welcome book is a convenient way to show your guests where things are kept and how to use appliances. It can also list some of your favorite local restaurants, bars, wine shops, bakeries, and anything else you think would be useful or fun information for your renters. Tell them about your favorite hidden gems within the area while hopefully convincing them that your vacation property is something they should be bragging about on their social media channels. Finally, give them a sweet goodbye, let them know how happy you are to have them as your guests, and invite them back next year.

Smart TV

Ask anyone if they’ve ever binged on a Netflix series and there is probably a 90 percent chance they will say, “Yes!” That’s because when it comes to TVs, we are all spoiled and expect to find those uninterrupted movies, TV series, and specials available on Amazon, Netflix, and others. A device like Roku or the Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa turn your TV into a smart TV with one click.

Is smart technology worth the investment?

If you haven't invested in smart technology for your accommodation property, it's time to get in the game! It is what renters want, and it might be what makes them choose your property of another.

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