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First Person: An Insider Look at Co-Living

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Want to find out what co-living is really like? Here we have curated a selection of stories from people who have survived the co-living experience. These first-hand accounts share what it’s really like to live with a group of strangers. You may be surprised. 

Check out:

  • A few stories here from the site She Hit Refresh

  • This Brick Underground interview with a resident at Alta+ by Ollie

  • Another woman’s story about her experience at Common in NYC, which was published online at Architectural Digest 

  • A first-hand account of Roam in Miami found on Medium

We also found these key learnings from the CEO of Common, a co-living concept based out of the UK.   

Finally, we found the following helpful tips spread across multiple sites for maintaining sanity and getting the most out of the co-living experience: 

  1. Set ground rules

  2. Delegate house duties and be accountable

  3. Get used to living with strangers

  4. Be considerate and respectful (guests, noise, and privacy) of housemates

  5. Expect there will be differences but try to get along with your housemates

  6. Maintain open lines of communication Be active in the community

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