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8 Tried & True Best Practices in Hotel Customer Service

Originally posted on Hotel Operations Insider

What is the most important factor in your hotel’s success? The customer! With so many innovative new ways to attract and reach guests, hoteliers must not lose sight of key tried and true best practices in hotel customer service. We’ve compiled the following 8 proven practices that are sure to help your staff in its efforts to woo and retain guests:

Focus on face time. While a strong digital online presence is often what makes the first impression on customers, it’s face-to-face communication that guests value the most once they check-in. A warm welcome, enhanced by personal connections throughout their stay, will remain with your guests long after they depart your property.

Keep your staff happy. A happy (and educated) staff translates into happy guests. So, hoteliers should make a concerted effort to continually educate their staff about the importance of customer service and empower (and reward) them as they achieve customer satisfaction goals. Some hotel brands make the education process fun by using gamification techniques that truly engage employees in the training process. Whatever the approach, invest in the development of your staff. As Bill Marriott once said, “take good care of your people and they’ll take care of the customer; and the customer will return.”

Know your customer. Are the majority of your guests traveling for leisure or business? What are their preferences? Hoteliers have a myriad of tools at their disposal, including online surveys and more sophisticated tracking tools that help gauge customer habits. Use these tools to keep “on trend” with your guests in order to achieve optimal customer satisfaction.

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