Our Guest Commitment

COVID-19 Response

Our Commitment to Guests & Clients

Now more than ever, as the life as we know it, gradually starts to begin its return, the health of our Clients, Guests and Colleagues is our number one priority. Following the pandemic, we understand that there will be an increased awareness and client expectation for assurance and peace of mind with regards to cleanliness and social distancing in our properties.

When you next stay with us, there will be some changes that you will see.  Some of these will be more visible than others, such as social distance markings, additional signage and sanitizing points.  Others will be behind the scenes, with our teammates following heightened and extremely comprehensive cleaning standards.


BridgeStreet is also proud that our properties are also being assessed by qualified Environmental Health Consultants and accredited with CSC Clean and Safe Building Accreditation, to ensure your comfort, safety and peace of mind. 

Beyond the the measures that we have been implemented at BridgeStreet properties, you can also stay rest-assured, when you book with apartments in our supplier network.  We are working closely with our suppliers to understand what COVID-19 mitigation procedures, policies and measures they have in place and make that information to our clients and potential guests.. 

We do hope these steps assure you of our commitment to the health of our customers and colleagues and we look forward to welcoming you to our Serviced Apartments, when you are ready to travel again.

How BridgeStreet is Responding

Living Space

Serviced apartments are ideal for providing your own, self-contained space, when staying away from home for both work or leisure.  Giving you the comfort and safety of home-style living, with excellent standards of hygiene.  

The majority of our apartments have full service kitchens and facilities, meaning you will never need to venture out to dine.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

During the cleaning and sanitization  process extra attention will be paid high touch point areas of the apartment including light switches, door handles, work surfaces, remote controls etc. 


For convenience and safety, In our apartments guests will find:​

  • Sanitization gel

  • Cleaning products for use


Please see FAQ section regarding how BridgeStreet is working with our supplier network on cleaning procedures.

Ensuring Adherence with Health Authorities

BridgeStreet team members have recently been trained in COVID-19 clean and safety procedures to comply with all COVID-19 regulations. 

Our teammates will follow strict government guidelines and be provided with all necessary protective personal equipment (PPE) for both your and their safety.

Decreasing Unnecessary Touchpoints

To help keep our guests and staff are making your stay as touchless as possible.  Which can include:

  • Virtual payments

  • Increasing time between guests vacating & checking into apartments, when possible

  • Sanitized keys provided in a sealed envelope

See the FAQ section for more details

Procedures for Shared Spaces

Enhanced sanitization procedures will be in place. Particular attention will be paid to reception areas and ‘high touch points’ such as handles, lift call buttons etc

Sanitizing gel will be available in reception and lift lobby areas for use

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are cleaning products made available to guests in their apartment?

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